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The world's best immigration system in 2030

May 15, 2019

What will it take for Canada to have the world’s best immigration system in 2030?
Century Initiative board member Goldy Hyder moderated a plenary session called “Canada Leads the Way” with Daniel Hiebert, Professor of Geography, The University of British Columbia and Irvin Studin, President, The Institute for 21st Century Questions, at the Conference Board of Canada’s National Immigration Summit.

The speakers were invited to outline characteristics for success and what Canada needs to do to ensure that immigration continues to support the country’s economic and social goals. The also looked at fringe issues that could undermine Canada’s immigration objectives. Key issues for consideration included how Canada can ensure that its infrastructure, health care, education, and other social welfare services keep pace with its growing population; how it can maintain social cohesion; and how it can adapt to evolving public safety challenges.