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Canada is a leader, either ranking or rating among the best internationally or performing well against national goals.
On track
Canada has either met the target identified or is expected to meet the target in the near-term.
Needs attention
Canada has not met the target identified for the indicator but, with intervention and support, it could meet the target in future years.
Falling behind
Canada is lagging compared to similar countries or failing to meet the target identified for the indicator. Significant work is needed to meet the target in future years.
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Download: Key Insights and Actions
This is Century Initiative’s 3rd annual National Scorecard on Canada’s Growth and Prosperity. The Scorecard assesses 39 indicators across six focus areas. It provides a strategic window into where Canada leads, remains on track, needs to focus attention, or is falling behind on the issues that will influence Canada’s future.
Key insights and actions

Seizing Our Advantage

Canada’s path to 100 million is dependent on our collective ability to think beyond the next decade — and design the Canada of the future.
The following are the top three insights Century Initiative has drawn from this year’s Scorecard, for more details read Key Actions and Insights.

Focus Areas

Growing to 100 million
Economy, innovation & entrepreneurship
Education, skills & employment
Support for children & families
Infrastructure & environment

How to use this Scorecard

All Canadians can explore the role that growing Canada’s population can play in building long-term, sustainable, and shared prosperity.
Governments can identify critical areas of focus for public policy change and investment. They can use the Scorecard to inform the public on the need for action on priority areas and the risks of maintaining the status quo.
The business sector can identify challenges and interconnections between areas such as education, training, infrastructure, climate, and immigration. This knowledge can enable businesses to lead by improving business practices and advocating for policy change that will enhance Canada’s investment environment and the country’s global standing.
The non-profit sector and labour can mobilize community partners, donors, and stakeholders around local and national actions that can influence social and economic well-being and further Canada’s ability to build a country founded on sustainability and shared prosperity.   
The academic community can explore priority areas for research that will deepen understanding of key challenges to Canada’s future prosperity. They can also leverage the Scorecard to mobilize existing research that proposes solutions to challenges the Scorecard identifies.