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Century Initiative envisions a Canada at scale, with 100 million people in 2100 working together to achieve our shared potential. We see a Canada that’s a global leader, celebrating ambition and innovation, fully leveraging its talent and diversity, and offering an example to the world of broadly shared prosperity.


Interactive What role does population growth play in building a successful country?

Century Initiative calls on policymakers to recognize the need for longer-term thinking and planning

COVID-19 has increased the public’s confidence in Government, but Canadians are still divided on ...

Statement by Century Initiative in response to today’s announcement on Canada’s New Immigration Levels Plan

Toronto, October 30, 2020 – The Century Initiative issued the following statement in response ...

Century Initiative unpacks findings from the Environics Institute’s report on racism and discrimination

Results show that Canadians are expressing a greater awareness of the reality of racism in Canada. ...

A Long-term View of Canada’s Demographics

Century Initiative | Oct 07, 2016

The Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) recently released a report, A Long-term View of Canada’s Demographics: Are Higher Immigration Levels an Appropriate Response to Canada’s Aging Population? The report explores how increasing immigration can offset the negative economic implications of Canada’s aging population. …

Immigration: How a Bigger Canada Benefits Us All

Tom Milroy | October 10, 2016

Canada has always thrived in periods when our population has grown considerably. Every time our population has boomed, so too has our economy. That’s why today, a cross-section of engaged citizens from across Canada…


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New Conversations Inspire Proactive Planning for the Future

Century Initiative | July 09, 2018

New Brunswick is the only province in Canada to see a decline in population, according to the 2016 census. Its population declined by 0.5% from 2011-2016, while Canada’s population overall rose…