Written by
Lisa Lalande
Chief Executive Officer
Century Initiative

Statement by Century Initiative in Response to the New Immigration Levels Plan

November 1, 2023

Century Initiative welcomes IRCC’s newly unveiled levels plan for Canada’s immigration system, that is grounded in a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for responsible growth.

Population growth alone is not enough to ensure Canada’s long-term prosperity. While numbers are important, and the government has maintained ambitious targets that will allow Canada to meet long-term demographic challenges, the success of our immigration strategy extends far beyond population metrics.

With pressures on our social services and housing affordability, it is crucial to ensure that these numbers are accompanied by corresponding investments in infrastructure and integration to properly welcome newcomers.

As outlined by the federal government, there are ways for Canada to achieve its immigration targets without adding more pressure on our system – by aligning targets with our labour market needs; expanding access and availability to critical infrastructure and services; setting ambitious Francophone immigration policies; and reducing our reliance on temporary foreign workers and improving integration of permanent residents.

Immigration is integral to the fabric of Canadian society and is a cornerstone of our economic vitality. We must meet Canada’s recommitment to its immigration targets with adequate planning to ensure that Canada remains prosperous, diverse, resilient, and influential for future generations.