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Lisa Lalande
Chief Executive Officer
Century Initiative

Century Initiative update

September 15, 2020


COVID-19 has taught us that Canada’s prosperity is fragile. As we turn our focus to the country’s social and economic recovery, we cannot lose sight of the need to think long term. That means thinking about what is required to ensure the Canada we leave future generations is prosperous, diverse, resilient and influential. At Century Initiative, we believe that it starts with a smart approach to managed population growth. Following are some updates on what Century Initiative is doing to advance that cause, as well as a sneak peak of what is to come this fall.

In these challenging times, Century Initiative’s work would not be possible without you, our supporters and donors.

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Building the Canada of tomorrow starts today with a clear vision and a commitment to acting on it. To help build support among Canadians for smart population growth, and to help amplify the conversation about this critical issue we are undertaking two exciting initiatives this fall:

We will be releasing our first-ever National Scorecard in November – an annual report measuring Canada’s progress over time on both prosperity and population growth. The scorecard will include a number of indicators that will help Canadians, business leaders and policy-makers track the country’s performance in key areas, including early childhood supports, employment & entrepreneurship, immigration, urban development, and education. The outcomes we track will help influence what areas need more focus, and where public policy changes can have the greatest impact on our future prosperity, diversity, resilience and influence as a country.

We are partnering with the Environics Institute and the University of Ottawa on the annual Focus Canada Survey in September. Understanding the public’s perspective on immigration, trust in institutions, Canada-US relations to name just a few issues, is key to developing public policies that will help policy- and decision-makers develop the policies that will contribute to a bigger, bolder Canada. The results of this survey will inform Century Initiative’s policy and communications work over the coming months.


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Century Initiative is uniquely positioned to inform and influence thoughtful public conversation about smart population growth in Canada. We have a track record of influencing the provincial and national policy agendas in ways that contribute to making Canada more prosperous, diverse, and influential. Recent initiatives include:

Two key insight reports – these reports are short, focused summaries of critical issues surrounding immigration and childcare and are intended to help key decision-makers navigate and understand the flood of information on these issues as they develop public policy or positions.

Providing our research and viewpoints to governments, including submissions to government on the need for higher immigration levels, integration supports, and a multi-year immigration strategy.

Receiving public acknowledgment from the Federal Minister of Immigration, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for our work.

Issuing an Official Statement on the Government’s Federal Economic Update, which can be found here.

Receiving media coverage including:

  • A special to the National Post;
  • An article written by John Ibbitson and Darrell Bricker published in The Globe and Mail;
  • An article published by South Island Prosperity Partnership;
  • A podcast interview with PolitiCoast.
Screenshot of an online article reading “Opinion: Creating the country we want for future generations” and another reading “COVID-19 will make the global baby bust even worse - but Canada stands to benefit”

We are also working with other organizations to share knowledge, gain critical insights, and to raise awareness of Century Initiative’s bold vision and mission.

  • Century Initiative is partnering with Evergreen and Deloitte on “Our Urban Futures” – a program that convenes infrastructure and real estate experts including planners, agencies, and members of local, provincial, and the federal governments from three urban regions—Calgary, Greater Toronto Area, and Greater Montreal. This program explores how strategic foresight tools can help Canada invest more thoughtfully into urban development and shape initiatives that create responsive, reliable, and future-ready plans for Canada.