Written by
Lisa Lalande
Chief Executive Officer
Century Initiative

Century Initiative unpacks findings from the Environics Institute's report on racism and discrimination

October 24, 2020

Results show that Canadians are expressing a greater awareness of the reality of racism in Canada.

Today, the Environics Institute released the third of four Canadian public opinion reports in partnership with Century Initiative and the Faculty of Social Sciences’ Impact Project at the University of Ottawa. Today’s report focuses on Canadians’ views on racism and discrimination and was prepared with the additional partnership of Vancity.

We are encouraged by the insights found in today’s report but recognize that if we want a Canada that is truly prosperous and diverse, we still have work to do to overcome racism, and other forms of discrimination, which act as barriers preventing some from full participation in Canada’s social and economic life.

Among the survey’s key findings are a recognition that “a majority of Canadians think that it is likely that we will make real progress in addressing racism and discrimination in Canada over the next decade,” and “Canadians tend to think that progress is more likely to be made through the actions of individual citizens than through government action.”

The report’s findings further reinforce the important role of Century Initiative in encouraging public discussion on these important issues and to fostering a policy environment that contributes to building a more inclusive and accepting Canada.

Click here to read the full report and learn more about the research approach.