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Announcement: Century Initiative supported project on migrant integration receives $98.6 million grant

April 28, 2023

Century Initiative believes that the attraction and successful integration of migrants is critical to the long-term success and prosperity of Canada. In 2022, Century Initiative partnered with the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) on their multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research initiative Migrant Integration in the Mid-21st Century: Bridging Divides to advance knowledge and decision-making on migrant integration. 

The Bridging Divides project will build on the research partners’ expertise in migration, technology adoption, community health, the future of work, and creating smart, resilient cities. Focusing on practical outcomes centred on creating thriving and inclusive communities, the research will lead to the reduction of barriers to economic and social inclusion for migrants, taking a technology-informed approach. The program will bring together researchers from TMU, Concordia University, the University of Alberta, and the University of British Columbia, and will engage with stakeholders at local, provincial, national, and global levels to enhance understanding of migrant integration during a time of rapid technological transformation.

Century Initiative is pleased to share that the Toronto Metropolitan University was awarded a 7-year, $98.6 million grant from the Canada First Excellence Research Fund for this project. This is the largest single research grant ever received by TMU.

Visit TMU’s Bridging Divides web page to read more about the program.