Written by
Lisa Lalande
Chief Executive Officer
Century Initiative

Century Initiative affirms support for a growing Canada and a strong, prosperous Quebec

May 15, 2023

Century Initiative is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization that believes that a bigger, bolder Canada is good for all Canadians.

Our mission is to advocate for thoughtful, responsible population growth because we know that a bigger Canada will increase our long-term social and national security.

Those who support Century Initiative come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, including Quebecers who want to see their home province grow in influence and prosperity. 

Canada is a bilingual country and Century Initiative recognizes the Quebec nation, the rights of Quebecers and their unique contributions to Canada.

We believe that a larger bilingual Canada, with 100 million Canadians, increases the prosperity of all Canadians, including the linguistic and cultural security of French-speakers in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

We also advocate for careful management and appropriate planning of population growth. That means investing in infrastructure, housing and public services. It means selecting, settling and integrating immigrants in a manner consistent with our treaty obligations and the interests of Indigenous people. And it means respecting the constitutional and legal rights of Quebec to manage and control its own immigration so that population growth supports and enriches the French-speaking population.

Canada and the world face enormous issues, including economic inequality, climate change and geopolitical conflict. At Century Initiative, we believe that Canadians will be better able to confront these challenges if we are a bigger, bolder, and more prosperous country.