Dr. Andrew Nevin

Partner & Chief Economist

PwC Nigeria

Century Initiative
Council of Champions


Dr. Andrew S.Nevin, PhD has had a unique global career as a thinker and a doer, working atthe complex intersection of economics, strategy, capital markets, andinvestment. He has almost 34 years of professional experience as anentrepreneur, private equity investor, line manager, economist, and strategy consultantand is his professional career has previously lived in Asia, North America, andEurope. He has been based in Lagos, Nigeria (the world’s 7th mostpopulous country) since early 2012.

Simultaneouslywith his work to develop the Nigerian and African economies in an inclusive andsustainable way, Andrew has been working on the concept of shifting the lensfor progress in Canada from a GDP Lens to a Flourishing Lens. The GDP Lens wehave used since the post-WWII period is no longer fit for purpose, and we needa way of measuring how Canada is doing and a way of developing policy that isbased on the well-being of the Canadian people. The Flourishing Lens representsthe most expansive view of what it means to be human. Andrew is finishing abook on this concept in Canada with co-author Dr. Elizabeth Neill.

Andrew startedhis career at McKinsey & Company. He holds a PhD in Economics from HarvardUniversity, an MA in Philosophy and Politics from Balliol College, OxfordUniversity (where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar), and a BSc (Hon) in ComputerScience and Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Andrewis a Canadian citizen.