What role does population growth play in building a successful country?

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In Focus

Moving toward 100 million Canadians unified by diversity and prosperity in 2100

At a Glance

At CI, we focus on understanding public sentiment, sponsoring research on the future of Canada’s economy, and convening and partnering with others to provocatively initiate change. In 2017 we will:

  • Focus on creating a vision for how our cities can be vibrant hubs that will welcome 100 million Canadians in 2100
  • Learn how Canadians feel about their country and the issues that affect them, including immigration and the long-term health of our cities
  • Continue to generate a fact base through research into our 5 pillars
  • Convene and participate in forums with engaged Canadians. Share our point of view and hear from people across the country

Measure success and progress toward a prosperous, relevant Canada of 100 million people in 2100

2016 marked the public launch of Century Initiative. In a few short months we were able to:

  • Begin a widespread discussion of CI’s belief that 100 million Canadians in 2100 benefits all Canadians
  • Widely share our point of view on 100 million Canadians and the 5 pillars to get there
  • Make significant knowledge contributions with CBOC report, and share our findings with stakeholders in the government, public, and private sectors
  • Receive national radio and press coverage for our work
  • Build a strong network and advisory board to help achieve our 2017 goals

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A Long-term View of Canada’s Demographics

Century Initiative | Oct 07, 2016

The Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) recently released a report, A Long-term View of Canada’s Demographics: Are Higher Immigration Levels an Appropriate Response to Canada’s Aging Population? The report explores how increasing immigration can offset the negative economic implications of Canada’s aging population. …


Immigration: How a Bigger Canada Benefits Us All

Tom Milroy | October 10, 2016

Canada has always thrived in periods when our population has grown considerably. Every time our population has boomed, so too has our economy. That’s why today, a cross-section of engaged citizens from across Canada…


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