Pillars for a strong nation built on pluralism

Provide meaningful family supports such as childcare, family leave, and early childhood education that allow Canadian families to grow, have the best possible start, and contribute to the economy.

Provide outstanding academic opportunities that will attract international students and, in turn, ensure meaningful job prospects after graduation.

Focus on exciting job prospects, productivity, and growth. Grow and strengthen Canada’s domestic markets.

Build cities that thrive and can support a larger population (e.g. 10 Canadian cities with over 1 million inhabitants)

Attract and support new Canadians; gradually increase level of immigration from approximately 0.8% of the population to a target of 1.3% of the population.

Each pillar links directly to successfully establishing a bigger and more diverse Canada with a strong economy and social infrastructure – a Canada that is built upon an integrated and vibrant society. We believe that the future we leave our children and grandchildren is important and that a bigger Canada benefits us all.