Press Release: New Report Outlines 10 Key Actions To Ensure Long-Term Prosperity for Canada

The report calls for Canada to increase its population to 100 million by 2100 to ensure long-term prosperity

TORONTOOct. 24, 2019 – Today, Century Initiative is launching its inaugural report, For a Bigger, Bolder Canada, which outlines 10 key actions for the country to take to successfully increase its population to 100 million by 2100 and ensure long-term prosperity.

This is the result of efforts by Century Initiative – led by founders and board directors Mark WisemanDominic BartonWilla BlackGoldy HyderAndrew Pickersgill – who together with business, academic and not-for-profit sector leaders see population growth as crucial to the country’s economic future.

“So much of Canada’s prosperity was built on the drive, ambition and creativity of an increasing population. However, our population is aging and small, and we need to continue to scale it higher to continue to support future generations or risk losing our economic prosperity and quality of life,” says Jasmine Gill, Director, Policy and Programs, Century Initiative. “It is time for government to lead on this agenda. The cost of not acting is too high.”

The 10 key actions to ensure Canada’s long-term prosperity include:

  1. Set targets to begin increasing immigration immediately
  2. Increase early childhood support for Canadians who want bigger families
  3. Leverage under-represented talent in the labour force
  4. Build the infrastructure to accommodate a bigger Canada
  5. Develop greater density in mega-regions
  6. Look to expand in the near and far north
  7. Invest in a globally ranked education system that can be a magnet for top talent
  8. Attract and develop talent with the skills for the digital age
  9. Scale innovation and entrepreneurship
  10. Educate Canadians about the economic case for immigration

In the coming months, Century Initiative will be convening discussions across the country and inviting Canadians to share their perspectives on the new report, For a Bigger, Bolder Canada. Canadians can also join the conversation through Century Initiative’s social media channels and the hashtag #BigBoldCanada.

Spokespeople are available to media by request.

Century Initiative (CI) is a national non-partisan organization with a mission to enhance Canada’s long-term prosperity through bigger and bolder thinking, imagination and action. To that end, CI provides research and education, creates opportunities to engage and share viewpoints, and contributes to public policy and solutions design. CI’s current areas of focus are: immigration, urban development, early childhood support, employment & entrepreneurship and education. CI seeks to broaden the conversation on Canada’s future, and to work with others on actionable strategies.

Media Contact:

Jasmine Gill, Director, Policy and Programs, Century Initiative, 647.210.9683